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Free Online Courses  : The best medical colleges Free Online Courses in Saudi Arabia .. The study of medicine in Saudi Arabia is considered one of the fields most in demand by boys and girls who wish to join medical schools in the Kingdom and their number increases day by day, and perhaps the real reason behind this is the prestigious Free Online Courses position that doctors attain and what the workers in The field of medicine is of concern and appreciation for the importance of that human profession, and medical colleges in Saudi Arabia are distinguished from others by accuracy, excellent education and the use of modern technological means.

Free Online Courses The Kingdom is very interested in studying the field of medicine in various disciplines, and it is one of the most Free Online Courses important study programs at the undergraduate level, so we find a number of distinguished medical universities that you can join if you want to enter this field.

🤓 Free Online Courses What are the best medical colleges in Saudi Arabia? ✅

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes a good Free Online Courses number of medical universities, which many students have praised for their high-quality scientific level, but there is a certain group of these universities that were classified among the best medical universities in Saudi Arabia, and the study system in most of them was very distinct. Following are the most prominent details of studying in medical colleges in Saudi Arabia

The study of medicine begins with the preparatory Free Online Courses year related to scientific subjects such as biology and chemistry, in addition to the English language, and this year is Free Online Courses considered a kind of general introduction to the study of medicine with all its specializations, materials and concepts.

The second and Free Online Courses third year, in which the student receives basic subjects in the world of medicine, such as anatomy, physiology, diseases, etc., which is the stage related to realizing the basics and forming a base for each of these sciences.

The fourth and fifth years Free Online Courses are known as clinical years, in which the student studies various medical specialties from surgery, abdominal, Free Online Courses gynecology, obstetrics, eyes and other specialties.

🤑 Free Online Courses  The sixth year is the year of internship and choice of major. 🔥

Faculty of Medical Care:

Inaya Medical College is Free Online Courses considered one of the best universities of medicine in Saudi Arabia at all, and it is a private health college affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom.

The entry of students to Free Online Courses Inaya Medical College enables them to deal with a different group of specialties due to the presence of multiple scientific departments in it, including:

Dental Health Care Department.

Department of Nursing.

Emergency department.

Department of Nuclear Medicine.

Department of Medical Technology.

Department of Psychotherapy.

Department of Radiology.

In order for students to be able to join Inaya Medical College, they must meet a set of conditions, including:

Passing all personal interviews before the College Board of Directors.

Obtaining a high school diploma from the scientific department or its equivalent, whether from inside or outside the Kingdom.

Not more than five years have passed since the high school graduation date.

Good conduct and good behavior.

✨ Free Online Courses  Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University: 💥

Sulaiman Free Online Courses Al-Rajhi University is also considered one of the best and most famous universities of medicine in Saudi Arabia, and perhaps the secret behind the preference for many students to study medicine in this college of medical colleges in Saudi Arabia is the advanced educational program applied by the university for a period of six years, which contributes to the graduation of a group of Qualified doctors who are able to contribute to the development of the healthcare field in the country.

Education at the university is based on problem-solving, which is the method followed from the first year of the second study phase, and the study is carried out by presenting aspects of medical problems and asking questions about them, which helps students in research and investigation.

🔥 Free Online Courses No student can study medicine at Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University unless he fulfills the following conditions: 😂

Passing the general aptitude test with no less than 75 and also the achievement test with the same rate.

Pass the English language test.

Success in personal interviews.

The student must be medically fit.

Success in high school with a minimum average of 90%.

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