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Free Online Courses : Cybersecurity. Free Online Courses We live in a world dominated by modern technology, influenced and affected by it, and we live in an unparalleled Free Online Courses information wealth, and as the information field is linked to the computer with its amazing developments Free Online Courses that have become the main influence in the economies of countries, which accompanied this development what is known as electronic attacks, or Electronic theft of information, which is the backbone of states with their institutions, as well as their individuals, so it was Free Online Courses necessary to immunize this information and computer networks from attacks, or the so-called electronic warfare, which represents the fifth field of modern wars after land, sea, air, and real space, so the deterrent was For this type of war is the achievement of what is called (cybersecurity).

🤓 Free Online Courses  What is cybersecurity? ✅

Definition of Free Online Courses cybersecurity: It is concerned with the security of information on computer devices and networks, and the processes and mechanisms through which computer equipment, information and services are protected from any unauthorized interference, or change or difference that may occur where a set of organizational and Free Online Courses administrative technical means is used to prevent Unauthorized use, prevention of misuse of electronic information, communication systems and the information it contains.

🔥 Free Online Courses The National Cybersecurity Authority: 🤑

Because Free Online Courses of the greatness of this matter, and for the insight of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his Crown Prince, the Secretary Prince Muhammad bin Salman, may God preserve them, and their great concern for the Kingdom to be in the ranks of developed countries. Cyber ​​Security), which is directly related to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques – may God protect him – and aims to enhance the cyber security of the state and protect its vital interests, national security, and sensitive infrastructure.

⌚ Free Online Courses Studying cybersecurity specialization in Saudi Arabia: 💥

Countries around the world have paid great attention to studying cybersecurity, and at the national level, we have in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia honorable models and great efforts from several universities that have worked to provide a specialty of cybersecurity to students Free Online Courses wishing to join this specialization, and among these universities is Prince Muqrin Bin University. Free Online Courses Abdul Aziz in Madinah, which was keen to keep pace with the events and contribute to the realization of the Kingdom’s blessed ambitious vision, Free Online Courses as it has made it within its faculties (College of Computer and Cyber ​​Sciences), and the university seeks through this college with its distinguished departments, namely (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity and Computing Criminal Procedure, and Artificial Intelligence), to create a creative generation of young men of both Free Online Courses sexes to contribute to the development and prosperity movement of our beloved Kingdom.

(College of Computer and Cyber ​​Sciences) Free Online Courses is interested in providing students with a set of knowledge and techniques that enable them to understand the fundamentals of computers, security and computing systems in order to protect data and systems from penetration. It also studies how to deal with various cyber attacks and piracy, with an understanding Free Online Courses of computing systems, and others, and works on a merging between the theoretical and practical aspects of training students to practice these skills before graduation To ensure the level of competence and ability to enter the labor market upon graduation.

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