🥇 Short online courses with certificate Expert advice: Learn English by listening to music 🙂

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Short online courses with certificate  : Learning a new language should trigger all of your Short online courses with certificate feelings and your creativity. So it is helpful to try to think of new techniques that you can use to help you learn. Of course, because you are a student, you need to study new vocabulary in the English language, and you must practice everything new that you learned in your group or private classroom. with this; There are many ways to enhance your learning.

For example: Short online courses with certificate Listening to musical works in English will definitely enhance your language understanding. As English music improves listening skills and increases vocabulary. Even music helps improve your pronunciation. The more you listen to the songs; You are exposed to new words in English.

✅   Listening to Short online courses with certificate  English music is an activity that you can do all day, every day. It is important that you listen to as many English songs as you can every day. 🤓 

Don’t forget to sing, Short online courses with certificate  too! Yes that’s right; And you are listening to some songs; Try to move your jaw and sing along with it. Since you are imitating sounds; Your tongue will become more accustomed to the English phoneme and hence your pronunciation in that language will improve.

Come on now go and have a try! Play English music while you do any activity. Soon you will notice.

🤑  Short online courses with certificate How to take notes in English 🔥

There are two common terms in English that use the word notes. Short online courses with certificate  We often say ‘to make notes’ or ‘to take notes’ but what is the difference between the two sayings? Each term is often used in place of the other, but there is a slight difference between them.

We generally use ‘take notes’ when it comes to writing when something is happening – like a lecture or an event. So we can say: I took notes while he was speaking so I could look at them later. I took notes when he was speaking so that I could review them at a later time.

‘Make notes’ Short online courses with certificate  is often used to talk about a situation in which we write information in an abbreviated fashion in order to organize our thoughts about reference materials or something we are preparing. For example: I made notes about the information in my course Short online courses with certificate  book so I could write an essay, so that I could write an essay. But now; We are talking about ‘taking notes.’ Short online courses with certificate  Taking notes is very personal and differs from person to person, but there are common mechanisms we all have in common. It is impossible to record everything that goes out of the mouth of any person when he or she speaks to him. Very few people can write fast enough – and even if they can – they will not listen properly if their focus is on writing.

🙂  The first thing Short online courses with certificate you need to think about when taking notes is planning. Make sure to leave enough space to add notes after the event.  🥇

You can either leave space between the lines you are writing on, or you can split the page into two columns and write only on one side.

And don’t forget to attend the Short online courses with certificate event early so you can get a good seat on a chair. Whereas, you will not be able to take notes if you cannot hear what is going on!

Next thing; Think about what you will write. Jot down only the most important words: dates, dates, and keywords to describe feelings and actions. Don’t pay attention to the pronouns I / you / he / she and ignore most prepositions. It’s even faster to draw a picture, arrow, or graph – do this instead of writing the word.

You can use headings and subheadings to organize your information; Because that will help you find the information later. Underline words and use Short online courses with certificate boxes and symbols to connect the information, either on your mind or on the page.

Remember to do many shortcuts. Where there are standard abbreviations indicating some common words and phrases, for example: eg “example”, tbc “to be determined”, ie. Meaning. It’s also okay to create your own shortcuts. Look at the most common words related to the topic on your note and create an acronym for each. But make sure you will mention it later!

It is very important Short online courses with certificate that you focus on following the event than on writing. Make sure your attention is always directed toward the speaker, not the notes. But if you cannot write something down; Just get a keyword and continue hearing what the speaker has to say now.

Take a look at your notes soon after the event. What’s the point of taking notes if you’re not going to do anything with them. Don’t forget to look at it after the event and follow up afterwards and complete the details that you couldn’t write down at the time. Experiment with these Short online courses with certificate ideas and find a note-taking style that works for you. In fact, it is important for one to have an accomplished system to follow, as this is something.

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