🙂 Free Online Courses Conversations are your way to achieving fluency in the English language. 🥇

Free Online Courses  : Increase vocabulary, idioms and terms. Free Online Courses.

It helps you communicate with other cultures and build friendships.

Allows Free Online Courses you to start friendships and acquaintances important and fruitful in your work.

Help you express your opinions and ideas.

Useful in important situations such as job interviews, and giving speeches.

Conversation etiquette: (How to start a meaningful conversation with a new person)

The purpose of conversations is to communicate in order to exchange ideas and opinions, or to convince one side of the other’s point of view. Conversations consist of the following elements:

🤓  Free Online Courses  Salute Greeting : ✅

Free Online Courses  Greeting before starting a conversation is one of the most important steps in starting a meaningful conversation. It is inappropriate to start talking directly to the other party. There are several words you can start as a greeting at the beginning of a conversation. Here are some examples:

  • Hi, hello
  • Hello, hello
  • Good morning
  • good morning
  • Good afternoon
  • Good evening (afternoon time)
  • Good evening
  • Good night

🤑  Free Online Courses Conversation Topic Conversation Topic : ⌚


Free Online Courses , It is the starting point of the conversation. Free Online Courses The same topic may be continued or changed according to the directions of the parties to the conversation. Free Online Courses  Examples of some topics of conversation might be about: social life, work, latest news, politics, economics.

💥  Conversation complete Conversation Closure procedure Free Online Courses : 🔥

It is very appropriate Free Online Courses  to end the conversation nicely. This Free Online Courses increases the odds of building a good relationship with the other person and may turn into friendship in the future. Here are some examples of ending the conversation:

  • Nice to meet you
  • It is a pleasure to know you
  • Pleased to meet you
  • Honored to meet you, I was honored to meet you

✨  Free Online Courses  A conversation in English between two people  🔥

English Conversation Between two people

Free Online Courses .Ali: Hello, I’m Ali. Nice to meet you  Ali: Hello, I’m Ali. Nice to meet you

Sophia: Hi, I’m Sophia. Nice to meet you too   Sophia: Hello, this is Sophia. Glad to see you too.

Free Online Courses Ali: where are you from, Sophia         Ali: Where are you from, Sophia?

Sophia: I’m from the United Kingdom. What about you? I Sophia: I’m from the UK. what about you?

Free Online Courses  Ali: I’m from Saudi Arabia.       Ali: I am from Saudi Arabia. What are you doing, Sophia?

Sophia: I teach English at an online English school    Sophia: I am teaching English in an online school.

Ali: That’s great Free Online Courses Ali: This is cool.

Free Online Courses Sophia: what about you   Sophia: What about you?

Free Online Courses Ali: I’m still studying at the university Ali: I am still studying at the university.

Sophia: What do you study Free Online Courses at the university? I    Sophia: What do you study at university?

Free Online Courses Ali: I’m studying business administration Free Online Courses        Ali: I study Business Administration.

Sophia: Free Online Courses That’s a very interesting field of study     Sophia: This is a very interesting field of study.

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