🙂 Free Online Courses How To Master A Job Interview In English 🥇

Free Online Courses : There is always dread when attending a new job interview. however; It becomes more difficult if this interview is in English and you are not a native speaker. Before preparing yourself to attend a special course aimed at enriching interview-taking skills; Take a look at the following tips that will help you master job interviews in English.

🤓  Free Online Courses  Prepare to answer a few questions that often arise. For example: ✅

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“Tell us about yourself”

🔥 Free Online Courses “Tell us about yourself” 🤑

Free Online Courses Hardly a single interview is without this question. The important thing here is that your answer is relevant. You don’t need to get too carried away with your history at work or overly love your profession. As your interviewer is asking mainly about you as a person. The correct answer will include a brief description of your related hobbies and interests, followed by a talk about how you entered your current profession, and why you are enthusiastic about it, and then a quick review of your last work history.

✨ Free Online Courses ? What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses” 💥

Free Online Courses  “What are your main strengths and weaknesses?”  Interviewers love to ask this question; Be prepared with a good answer. Free Online Courses  It is important not to forget to make weaknesses appear as strengths. You could say, for example, My biggest weakness is that I’m too much of a perfectionist, and I insist on everything being 100% perfect. % ”. Is this sentence really a negative sentence? actually no. Whatever weaknesses you have; Make them look like strengths.

Free Online Courses  “Where do you see yourself within (number) years?”

“? Where do you see yourself in (number) years”

The answer to this question varies from person Free Online Courses to person, it mainly depends on your position in your career. Therefore, you should prepare your answer well for your position in your career before you are asked this question. A person with 5 years of experience will have different short term goals than someone who has no work experience at all.

🔥  Here is an example of a short answer, followed by an example of a long Free Online Courses answer: 😂 ⌚

Free Online Courses  In five years, I see myself as a valued employee of a company. And I want to be an expert at my position and start training to Free Online Courses  be a manager

“Within five years, I see myself as an employee of value for the company. Also, I want to be an expert in my position and start training to be a manager. ”

Five years from now, Free Online Courses  I want to be a senior customer service manager. I’m currently training to become a manager, Free Online Courses and if I continue to work hard, I believe I’ll have a management position soon. After gaining several years of experience as a customer Free Online Courses service manager, I want to be in a position where I can train and provide my expertise to newer Free Online Courses customer service managers.

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